In this section I put little snippets of information here for myself that I might find useful again in the future. I thought I may as well share them in case anyone else could benefit from it.

Data Manipulation in R

For a language designed around data manipulation I really struggle manipulating data in R, so here is a list of tips/resources that I find useful:

Getting Package Dependencies in R

Quite often I find myself in a situation where I need to install R packages on a machine without internet access for whatever reason. This means I have to go and fetch the packages and their dependencies manually.

Grep, Location Lists and Vim

As far as I know everything presented here will work in both vanilla vim and neovim

Project Wide Find and Replace with Spacemacs

Vim and the Global Command

In short the global command takes some pattern and executes a given command on any line which matches the pattern. I think it’s best demonstrated with an exmaple.